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Mimi- If Abraham Lincoln had a modern day counter-part, it would be Mimi. Kids, animals and all people in general love Mimi – she accepts and loves all unconditionally but also expects much out of kids. She treats them as mini-adults, instilling values that will last a lifetime.

She grew up with traditional values on a farm in Brenham, Texas.  She believes that children have the power within to change the course of anything negative within their own lives if they keep open minds and open hearts!  They are smart, important and our future!  Mimi & Friends on Mimi’s Country Porch reflects and encompasses all of this and more.  Mimi loves to sing – usually with Leopard Girl and Miss Milly - be sure to sing along!

Inspired after meeting Ambassador’s Zzimon and Miss Milly from the Insect Society and listening to their knowledge and wisdom about adding prepared insects to a person’s or pet’s diet, Mimi and Friends started a pet treat company, “Bonyappetit Pet Treats & More LLC”. They built a Cricket Ranch Hotel with preparation rooms for the creation of delicious, nutritional, natural, sustainable, superfood protein treats—that people, dogs and an array of other pets just love! Now, Mimi & Friends are teaching children and their families not only about proper pet care, but also about the benefits to adding insects to our pet’s diets and to our own as well.  The Bakehouse and kitchen at Mimi’s Country Porch are preparing for fun and exciting recipe preparations for y’all!  Yummers!

Favorite Food:   Sardines on cheese and crackers, any bean or veggie too
Favorite Color:   Green
Favorite Book:    Mimi, has several… The Giving Tree, The Bible, Talking to Strangers   and The Seat of the Soul
Favorite Movie:  Mimi again has several… The Sound of Music and A Star is Born
Favorite Song:    Color My World  and Somewhere Over the Rainbow



Leopard Girl is a Blue Heeler and is Mimi’s best friend, confidant and “side kick”.  She is smart, kind, silly, and a tad hyper. She lightens any moment that may seem too technical or even serious, and is such a joy. Kids and adults alike are drawn to Leopard Girl’s approachability and her lyrical sing-song voice.  Leopard Girl loves to sing – usually with Mimi and Miss Milly - Be sure to sing along! 

Favorite Food:   Boiled chicken and pork chops
Favorite Color:   Yellow and Orange
Favorite Book:    A Dog’s Purpose
Favorite Movie:  Old Yeller and the cartoon, All Dogs go to Heaven
Favorite Song:    You’ve Got a Friend



Zzimon is the head Ambassador of the Insect Society, mainly representing the crickets. He works alongside his dear friend Ambassador Miss Milly who represents the Mealworm Society. Zzimon is a sharp dresser and has an English accent. He is very witty and charming. Zzimon moved from England to meet with Ambassador Milly in the United States – Liberty Hill, Texas to be exact. He and Milly have come to Liberty Hill to meet Mimi & Friends. They heard from far and wide about Mimi’s work with children and their puppet shows that show the importance of caring for people, pets, animals, plants and the environment.   As Ambassadors from the Cricket society, Zzimon and Milly came to the Porch to explain that the U.N. released a report that lays out the benefits of shifting agriculture to insects – a brilliant and much needed alternative that is a tasty and nutritional meat!  They came to share a message from many of the insects of the       world …  and to do their part in helping the environment all the while adding great benefits to a family’s diet. 

Favorite Food:    Veggies
Favorite Color:    Yellow
Favorite Book:     The Cricket in Times Square
Favorite Movie:   Walt Disney’s Jiminy Cricket
Favorite Song:     Accentuate the Positive



Miss Milly is an Ambassador for the Insect Society, mainly representing the mealworms. She works alongside her dear friend, Ambassador Zzimon who is the head of the Insect Society. Milly has a huge heart. She is friendly with a sassy wit, has a southern accent and loves all things Texas – especially the barbeque and enchiladas.  She and Ambassador Zzimon have come to Liberty Hill, Texas to work with Mimi & Friends.

Favorite Food:    Texas barbeque and enchiladas from Serrano’s
Favorite Color:    Purple
Favorite Book:     How to Eat Fried Worms
Favorite Movie:   Walt Disney’s A Bug’s Life
Favorite Song:     Herman the Worm



Boone, is the resident Moral Compass. He has a warm, smooth and low southern voice. He is patient, kind, wise, and understanding. Boone is a friend and teacher to all, but especially to children. He is always advising them on the right direction they should be pointing their moral compasses using thought, wit, wisdom, empathy and love. He guides each child to really listen to their inner voice – a place that God resides and a place that guides them to make the right choices if they will be still and truly listen!

Favorite Food:    Salmon and potatoes topped off with a fortune cookie
Favorite Color:   Blue and gold (his school colors)
Favorite Book:    Boone has several favorite books as well; Little Book of Wisdom, The Bible, Basic Teachings of The Great Philosophers and The Four Agreements
Favorite Movie:  It’s A Wonderful Life, The Green Mile, The Life of Pi, and The Pursuit of Happyness.  Boone also loves watching the old series, The Waltons
Favorite Song:    Little Good News Today, Cats in the Cradle, Blowing in the Wind and he too also loves the song, Accentuate the Positive – Eliminate the Negative



Cluck-Cluck, is a sweet, loveable, hard-working, persistent and friendly chicken.   She likes to hang out with Mimi and Friends, but spends quite a bit of that time with Lizzy.  She enjoys watching and listening to her friends laugh, sing and talk about community occurrences when she is not busy laying an egg.

Favorite Food:    Chicken scratch, insects, flowers, grass and watermelon

Favorite Color:   Maroon

Favorite Book:    How to Speak Chicken, Henny Penny and The Hen Who Wouldn’t Give Up!

Favorite Movie:  Chicken Run and Chicken Little

Favorite Song:    Dixie Chicken and The Chicken Dance Song 
Cluck Cluck


Lizzy, is our resident Spanish goat.  She was born at Mimi’s Country Porch.  Her Mother passed away after giving birth to her so Mimi & Friends took it upon themselves to raise her.  They all took shifts bottle feeding her.  She is fun loving, curious, always hungry, independent and silly.  Lizzy loves hanging out with Mimi & Friends, but they have to be careful not to wear a hat or clothing which she may find tasty!

Favorite Food:    Any and all things!  😊 

Favorite Color:   Green

Favorite Book:    Escape Goat, Gomer the Gassy Goat, and The Very Hungry Goat

Favorite Movie:  Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Goats

Favorite Song:    Three Billy Goats Gruff and Baby Goat 



Magi'co – Pronounced Maa-JEEK-ho, has a great sense of humor.  Magi’cho, has worked out in gardens his entire life and is very knowledgeable about all thing’s plants!  Magi'cho talks slowly and repeats himself often, well, frankly because he keeps hitting his head on the ground, but he is truly wise about the outdoors.  When he hoes the gardens, he is careful not to harm his friends, the beneficial insects!  He does his very best in keeping his insect friends out of Shovel’s and Robin’s beaks!  

Favorite Food:    Peanut butter and banana (with a drizzle of honey) sandwiches
Favorite Color:   Black and White
Favorite Book:    Dirty Garden Hoe:  Garden Planning Book
Favorite Movie:  The Biggest Little Farm
Favorite Song:    Heigh-Ho – Heigh Ho, it’s off to work I go…



The very wise Robin comes from a long line of British bird ancestors.  They have passed down the bird song to Robin, whereby she has great knowledge of past events.  She is kind and wise and loves human children.  She enjoys hanging out with Boone and sharing her wisdom and historical data. 

Favorite Food:   Seeds, nuts and insects
Favorite Color:   Red
Favorite Book:    Look Up!  Bird Watching in Your Own Backyard!
Favorite Movie:  The Birds and anything Batman and Robin
Favorite Song:    Rockin’ Robin



Pronounced Show-VEL, he is Magi'cho's uppity sidekick. Think Laurel and Hardy meet Paris, France! Though Shove'l is an American, he is of French descent and speaks like a Frenchman. He too works in the gardens with his pal, Magi’cho.  Magi’cho likes to work and does his share of shoveling, but he declares to Magi’cho on a daily basis that “he does not scoop poop!”  He does his best to stay clear of the compost piles!  😊 

Unlike Magi’cho, Shove’l does not exactly like insects crawling on him, but he does think they are very tasty!
Favorite Food:    French fries and a hamburger served medium rare on a crescent roll
Favorite Color:   Brown
Favorite Book:    How Does My Garden Grow? Finding God in the Garden and French Dirt
Favorite Movie:  Hard Hat Harry:  Farm Equipment Adventures
Favorite Song:    Garden Song and Farmer in the Dell



Super Grub is a confident, clumsy and well-meaning Super Larvae! He is a bit on the chubby side due to his cravings for grass roots! He is the Ambassador from the June Bug Society. He sometimes embarrasses Ambassador Zzimon and Milly with his “cape” antics.

Favorite Food:    Tasty Roots
Favorite Color:    Green
Favorite Book:     Grubby the Ugly Worm
Favorite Movie:   Day of the Triffids
Favorite Song:     Glow Worm 



Wilbur is our smart and tidy friend. He enjoys staying healthy and fit (yes, he is a pig, but a fit pig indeed!) and works with children on their own fitness and diet goals. He also is an expert on how to keep your pets healthier through clean environments, healthy diets and plenty of proper exercise too. 

Favorite Food:     Carrots and potatoes and apples and grapes and pears and bananas…
Favorite Color:    Silver
Favorite Book:     Charlotte’s Web
Favorite Movie:   Gordy
Favorite Song:     Old Macdonald had a Farm





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