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Once upon a time there was a young girl who grew up on a small farm in Brenham, Texas.  This was a magical place and time for her… this was the place where she learned to garden, care for animals, cook and bake for others, and learned the necessary skills of self-sufficiency.  She applied her love and fondness of music to touring, performing and recording (a few years) with her sisters and Mother in a vocal harmony group.   They even were able to sing on the Grand Ole Opry stage during the Gospel Hour in Tennessee!  She later studied business management and graduated from St. Edward’s University.  She managed private Child Development Schools for twelve years and assisted in the opening of the University of Texas Child Development Center as well.    She put her love of plants (all things flowering and green) into a Vice President’s position of a lovely interiorscape/ horticultural company for almost ten years.  She left the life of plants to pursue her dream of Entrepreneurship!  She started a Home Care and Concierges company, Back to Basics Home Care & Concierge LLC and helped the elderly and those in need in Williamson County Texas for ten years.  She trained as a Grist Miller from Master Mason at the Colvin Run mill in Virginia and wrote a children’s book series in her spare time.

During these years she also married, had a child, had grandchildren and settled on a little farm in Liberty Hill, Texas.  This is when she began to be lovingly called, Mimi, and where she spends quite a few days on her front porch with her grandsons, five dogs, two cats, other farm animals and her puppet characters from Mimi’s Country Porch.  Her dog, Leopard Girl, Mimi and her sisters teach you how wonderfully easy it is to get back to the basics of living a wholesome and simple life. Kids today are accustomed to being handed everything to them instantly. On demand this. Netflix that. They will soon be labeled the Instant Generation, to their detriment.  Mimi not only emphasizes patience and empowers children to learn and lead, but her ultimate goal is to impart traditional values such as kindness, respect, patriotism, family rituals, and general healthy living habits. There is plenty of “getting back to the basics” with life activities and lessons!  

She and her sisters were having a good time teaching children how to care for and be responsible for their pets via the Mimi’s Country Porch puppet shows.  After listening to stories about how their family dogs and pets were having trouble with certain ingredients found in their dog/pet food, she decided to do her own research on dog and cat food manufacturing of today.  She even went so far as to obtain a certification in Pet Food Nutrition and became a Pet Food Specialist through the “Dog Naturally” Magazine/company program. 

Hello, I’m Lisa Sellers Roberts and I am Mimi!  Yes, a varied career that has paved the path to my latest passion and venture, an organic pet treat and pet care company, Bonyappetit Pet Treats & More LLC.  These professional experiences have underscored my commitment to business, children, families, education, animals, the environment and the sharing of traditional values of health and wellness with the pets who enrich our lives.  What started as a spark of inspiration and love has grown and developed into a pet healthy and educational enterprise, Bonyappetit Pet Treats & More LLC. 

Our mission/vision at Bonyappetit, is to help parents and children get back to the basics of good and sound pet care by providing human grade, organic, and nutritious pet treats made from farm raised insects (crickets, mealworms and grub worms) and other wholesome/natural grains, seeds and ingredients.   Super foods that your pets will love!  Keeping pets healthy and happy are our main goals.   We are passionate about sharing the importance of “reaching back to move forward” by providing pet treats created by nature’s nutrients – a ten thousand year old tradition of nourishing ourselves and animals through the ingestion of super nutritious insects!  Bonyappetit Pet Treats & More LLC will promote and inform all of this through nutritious insect based pet treats, interactive blogs, a children’s and puppet radio show with pet care specialists, parent guides, educational and fun products, instructional cartoons and shows, value curriculum and speaking engagements.

After four years of research and preparation, this sixty year old Mimi has truly created and started the company of her dreams.  Come along on this healthy and productive journey with us, as our Leopard Girl would howl, “Woohoo!” and “BonyappetitY’all!”.

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