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All Aboard the Bonyappetit Express to worlds unknown, parts unseen, information unheard and adventures galore!  The express will take your mind and heart to places that will expand your fun and brain power and decision making skills!  Curious?  Hop on board and take a ride with Mimi and Friends on the Bonyappetit Express! 

The Cricket Club

The Cricket Club is a place where you can relax and have fun!  Our Cricket Clubbers will have the opportunity to earn merit badges, make their own puppets with the help of Mimi’s puppet friends, school contests, library play, science experiments, video contests with your favorite pets, community helper contests, gardening video shares, cooking and recipe shares, farming insects, Ambassadors of the Planet contests and so much more!  Hop on over and join the excitement!

Mimi & Friends

Meet Mimi and her beloved puppet friends who will take you on useful, fun and educational journey you will never forget.  You are guaranteed to fall in love with them.   They will lift your minds and spirits and you will call them Friend! 

The Mimi & Friend’s Show

Howdy y’all!  Welcome to Mimi & Friends at Mimi’s Country Porch!  Our Show is an Educational, Fun Filled, Pet Loving, Environmentally Benefiting Show with Cooking Antics, and Family Entertainment.  All with an array of colorful puppets, reels, music, games, and the most interesting and intriguing guests!  Welcome to the porch – y’all come on in!  Sponsored by Bonyappetit’s Pet Treats & More LL

Bonyappetit-Pet-Treats--More-LLC.jpgBonyappetit Pet Treats & More LLC

Bonyappetit is all natural and nutritional!  All natural insect protein treats for your pets.  A sustainable superfood pets love!  All of our ingredients are organic and extremely healthy for your pets.  Our main ingredient is insect flour made right here on Mimi’s Country Porch.  Our first offerings of insects will be from crickets and mealworms.  We will soon be farming other protein filled insects as well.  Bonyappetit will begin by offering our treats for dogs initially, but we will be offering our treats (with a few tweaks of our recipe) to other family pet members such as; birds, reptiles, guinea pigs, sugar gliders, reptiles, cats, squirrels, hedgehogs, rats and many more. 

The Bakehouse

The Bakehouse is not only the setting for most of our shows, but is a full fledged kitchen that produces delicious and nutritious baked goods, jellies, and jams for sale (locally and throughout Texas – presently).  We have meal prep demonstrations and shared recipes from Mimi and her friends as well as shared recipes from our Show Fans.

I can smell the aromas now!  Yummers!  Let’s say grace and eat!  Bonyappetit y’all!


The Porch

Come sit in one of the rocking chairs and sip on a cup of coffee, hot tea or homemade lemonade!  Let the breezes of the day blow through your hair as you watch the dogs chase the squirrels up the trees all the while being scolded by the Mama squirrel for doing so!  This is where Mimi and her guests visit about Porch issues, community events, local and national news, on what the pets have been doing and solving the problems of the day.  Mimi invites her fans and Cricket Clubbers to ask her any relevant question that can be answered through a blog.

Send a custom video or message from the Mimi and Friend’s Page

Have a favorite Friend from Mimi’s Country Porch?  Well… order a custom video or message that can be sent to you or to your favorite person on their special day of celebration.  Leopard Girl would sing a fanciful little ditty - Maji’cho would sing a zippy tune as well!  Email us and let us know what you would like sung or said!  What fun!

The Store

Oh goodness!  You are going to love this store!  The store is under construction now, but we will keep y’all up to date on products that will be for sale and on an opening date. 

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