Mimis Country Porch

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Mimi and Friends will make you smile about and educate you on all things Pet Care!  Call in and ask them and their guests about your pet care concerns.  If they cannot answer the question at the moment, they will find the Professional who can answer your specific question and will get that important answer to you ASAP! 

Mimi and Friends will talk with Veterinarians, pet trainers, and pet specialists such as nutritionists and behaviorists on their own experiences.   They will talk with celebrity guests who will share their own love stories about their pets and tips on how they are able to assimilate them into their busy schedules while keeping them happy, safe and healthy.  Mimi and Friends will share funny pet stories of their own on what goes on with our own pets behind the scenes of Mimi’s Country Porch. 

They will ask you and your parents to send in pet photos along with your own stories and tips on pet care.  We will have fun contests and games too.  So, get your cameras ready to take those cute, outrageous and adorable pics of your beloved pets; dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, lizards, goats, pigs, guinea pigs, gerbils, rats, chickens, geese, sugar gliders etc.…  Woohoo!  Going be some pet loving, pet caring and pet learning fun!  Join us on the Porch – Mimi’s Country Porch!

If you have any comments or suggestions, please write to Mimi or your favorite “Friend” and we will get back with you pronto!  Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  - be sure to put your favorite Porch Friend’s name within the Subject Line of your email.

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Mimi & Friends will share healthy living habits through themed episodes such as:

    Sharing the importance of nutrition and vitamins through specific foods. Creating quick, easy and healthy snacks for “on the go” events using timesaver and organizational tips.  Learning about how insects are extremely nutritious to eat and can be added to our and our pet’s daily diets via delicious recipes. 
    Physical and mental exercises that can be practiced outside of a gym and without expensive equipment.
    Growing your own vegetables, fruit trees and herbs inside of containers or in your own backyard, general gardening tips, as well as creating a butterfly garden or growing edible mushrooms.
    Sharing kitchen safety rules and great grocery shopping tips and guidelines.
    Techniques for pickling and preserving foods, producing cheese, butter and yogurt, baking basic breads, making homemade ice cream, jams, and more! Grocery shopping tips!
    Learn how to make your own pet food while understanding about pet nutrition. Tasty and healthy pet treats that can be made from basic household food staples.
    The importance of farm animal care including bee keeping, raising chickens and birding.
    Natural and simple self-care treatments such as homemade soap, shampoo, moisturizer, and candles.
    Important life lessons that are usually learned in childhood; such as having a good moral character, strong work ethics, close, loving and supportive family units, kindness, self-sufficiency, patriotism, respect of others and oneself, forgiveness and allegiances to God, fellow man, community and country, just to name a few.


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