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Mimi- If Abraham Lincoln had a modern day counter-part, it would be Mimi. Kids, animals and all people in general love Mimi – she accepts and loves all unconditionally but also expects a lot out of kids. She treats them as mini-adults, instilling in them values that will last a lifetime. 


Leopard Girl is a Blue Heeler puppet who is smart, silly, and a tad hyper. She lightens any moment that may seem too technical or even serious, and is such a joy. Kids are drawn to Leopard Girl, and her silly sing-song voice.


The very wise Robin comes from a long line of British birds that flew with Aydan's ancestors They have passed down the bird song to Robin, whereby she has great knowledge of past events. She appears in the historical character segments..


Magi'co – Pronounced Maa-JEEK-ho, is a funny puppet. Magic Hoe appears in the gardening segments. Magi'co talks slowly and repeats himself often, well, frankly because he keeps hitting his head on the ground, but he is truly wise about the outdoors.


Pronounced Show-VEL, he is Magi'co's uppity sidekick. Think Laurel and Hardy. Though Shove'l is American, he is from French descent and speaks like a Frenchman. He appears in the gardening segments with Magi'co.


Boone is the Moral Compass. He has a warm, smooth and low southern voice. He is patient, kind, wise, and understanding. Boone is a friend and Teacher to all, but especially to children. He is always advising them on the right direction they should be pointing their moral compasses using thought, wit, wisdom, empathy and love. He guides each child to really listen to their inner voice – a place that God resides and a place that God will help them make the right choices if they will really listen!


The Doubter – Boone's nemesis is a handsome character by the name of Sir Doubt. Sir Doubt works on children and their perceptions of certain situations. He brings feelings of uncertainty and a lack of conviction. He places fear in their hearts about who they are and what they can do by bringing confusion, suspicion and indecision into play. Boone, shines the light on "Doubt" especially self-doubt! He leads the way to truth through bravery and trust.





An Educational, Fun Filled, Entertaining, Audience Involved Event

Hi Y’all. Welcome to Mimi’s Country Porch where my dog, Leopard Girl, and I will teach you how wonderfully easy it is to get back to the basics of living a wholesome and simple life.

This is where the fun and puppetry of Noodle and Doodle meets the welcoming warmth of the Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten, all with the country wholesomeness of Little House on the Prairie.

Mimi's Country Porch is a Children’s "How-To"/Talk Show for all ages; 30 to 45 minute shows. Great family entertainment!




Everybody comes to Mimi’s Porch. What brings them there? The warmth of her smile? The whimsy of her dog? Or the fact that every time you come, you learn how to make something new-like: homemade soap, or strawberry jam, or a root beer float from scratch, down to boiling the licorice. But it’s not only a "how-to" show for kids and tweens. Mimi also brings history into the mix, highlighting a significant person in history that pertains to the episode. Making peanut butter? She’ll talk about George Washington Carver. Teaching the basics of bee keeping? She’ll introduce you to L.L. Langstroth.

Kids today are accustomed to instantly having everything being handed to them. "On Demand" this. "Netflix" that. They will soon be labeled the "Instant Generation", to their detriment. Mimi not only emphasizes patience and empowers children to learn and lead, but her ultimate goal is to impart traditional values such as kindness, respect, patriotism, family rituals, and general healthy living habits. There will be lots of “getting back to the basics” with life activities and lessons!

The show will take place on a country porch. Live farm animals will of course be guests from time to time and will be an intricate part in sharing the importance of a working farm. In addition, ‘neighborhood’ children will come to partake in the "how-to" lesson of the day.

After a catchy tune, we are welcomed to the cozy, familiar porch by sweet Mimi and her silly, whimsical sidekick puppet dog, Leopard Girl. If a guest is joining her, they meet Mimi on the porch with a warm hello. It may get a little noisy on the porch, so we swing on into the country kitchen where Mimi is already set up for the day’s "how-to" lesson.

The interactive "how-to: segment includes silliness from Leopard Girl as well as a hands-on experience from Mimi’s guest. The historical figure is tied to what was made or learned. Mimi also includes a corresponding value of the day.



Mimi and Leopard Girl have their own radio program on BlogTalk Radio - at Mimi's Country Porch on ZDOG 99.9! An Historical Figure will come as a guest on the porch and keep with the theme. For example, if the episode is "Embracing the Inventor in You", then Mimi and Leopard Girl will bring on an actor portraying George Washington Carver and interview him. They will ask him questions such as; what historical person inspired you, why and how did this historical figure change the course of your life or a certain situation, what inspiration did you want to leave behind, and what can others learn from the history you made?

In addition, there will be a "Merit of a Child" or "Merit of a local community Leader" chosen from the Show audience in advance and they will be featured and interviewed at Mimi's Country Porch on ZDOG 99.9! Mimi and Leopard Girl will recognize a young fan or community leader for their true understanding of being a person of good character, an individual who stands up for positive principles even during precarious situations and exhibits strong ethics/values within their own families, groups and communities by their daily actions and activities. These special acts are most worthy of public recognition. The story is told of how they made a positive difference in someone's life and within their communities with the choices they have made.



Mimi & Friends will share healthy living habits through themed episodes such as:

    Sharing the importance of nutrition and vitamins through specific foods. Creating quick, easy and healthy snacks for “on the go” events using timesaver and organizational tips.
    Physical and mental exercises that can be practiced outside of a gym and without expensive equipment.
    Growing your own vegetables, fruit trees and herbs inside of containers or in your own backyard, general gardening tips, as well as creating a butterfly garden or growing edible mushrooms.
    Sharing kitchen safety rules and great grocery shopping tips and guidelines.
    Techniques for pickling and preserving foods, producing cheese, butter and yogurt, baking basic breads, making homemade ice cream, jams, and more! Grocery shopping tips!
    Learn how to make your own pet food while understanding about pet nutrition. Tasty and healthy pet treats that can be made from basic household food staples.
    The importance of farm animal care including bee keeping, raising chickens and birding.
    Natural and simple self care treatments such as homemade soap, shampoo, moisturizer, and candles.
    Important life lessons that are usually learned in childhood; such as having a good moral character, strong work ethics, close, loving and supportive family units, kindness, self-sufficiency, patriotism, respect of others and oneself, forgiveness and allegiances to God, fellow man, community and country, just to name a few.

welcomeLisa S. Roberts is Mimi. Lisa is an Author, Creator, Radio Co-Host, Entertainer, Businesswoman – She is also a Mother,  Grandmother, and Texas Businesswoman. 

In her early career Lisa served as a Child Development Director for several private schools in Austin and as Assistant Director for the University of Texas Child Development Center. Her involvement with children’s causes include serving on a subcommittee of the Austin Child Care Council, and the Austin Employer’s Collaborate Council.

Lisa served as Vice-President of Plant Interscapes, Inc. for over nine years managing horticultural teams and earning landscape and gardening certifications.

Lisa holds these titles:

  • BA in Business at St. Edward’s University, Austin,Texas
  • Certified Horticulturist
  • Certified Child Development Specialist/Director in Texas

Today Lisa is the owner of:

Lisa resides with her family on a small farm near Liberty Hill, Texas.

Extended Biography

Lisa S. Roberts, is also known as everyone’s Mimi, in her children’s book series’ Back to the Bascis with Aydan & Addy. She was raised on a farm in Brenham, Texas and enjoyed every minute of gardening and working with the farm animals. Lisa is a Texas native and a graduate of Brenham High School and earned a Business Degree at St. Edwards’s University of Austin, Texas. She is the proud owner of Back to Basics Concierges & Home Care Services LLC located in Liberty Hill, Texas where she serves the elderly and folks in need of personal assistance. Lisa has an extensive background in marketing and management, and decades of experience generating creative and innovative ideas.

Earlier in her career she worked as a teacher and Child Development Director for Children’s World, Children’s Place/Creative World private school, YMCA of Austin, and as the Assistant Director for the University of Texas Child Development Center; creating transitional specialty classes for children ages 18 months to twelve years of age. Lisa worked with the Metro and Child Development boards on educational projects and trained staff to adhere to the standards set by the National Association of Young Children. Her involvement with children’s causes included serving on a subcommittee of the Austin Child Care Council and the Austin Employer’s Collaborative Council and a relationship with the Austin Food Bank and the Child Adult Food Program of Texas to create less expensive, well-balanced and nutritional meals for students and also partnered with the United Way in starting up projects for the YMCA center.

Lisa also was the Operations Manager for Burlington Coat Factory and enjoyed working and managing within the retail field.
Lisa worked her way up into a Vice President’s position of an interiorscape plant company, Plant Interscapes Inc., for nearly nine years and managed horticultural teams while earning landscape and gardening certifications. While with this wonderful company, she was honored as the “Outstanding Manager of the Year” award for several years running. She currently co-hosts a gardening radio show,www.thegardeningnetwork.com and writes their weekly informational blogs.

Her experience also includes acting, singing and performing as part of a family vocal group, Sellers Sisters/Emerald Eyes. The experience gave her the opportunity to perform with Willie Nelson, Trini Lopez, and others. The group was invited to guest on radio shows, on the world famous Grand Ole Opry and at the renowned Nashville venue, the Bluebird Café. The group’s first recording, out of Nashville, “Take the Keys to My Heart and Drive Me Crazy”, climbed to number one on the Independent charts in the early 1990’s.

A career that has included managing schools, other varied businesses, and her own company, along with stints in the entertainment arena, problem solving with children and their parents, and even being trained as a Grist Miller at the Colvin Run Mill in Virginia, have paved the path to her latest passion and venture, children’s book author for the “Back to the Bascis with Aydan & Addy” book series.
All of these professional experiences have underscored her commitment to business, children, education and sharing traditional values with her own children and grandchildren. What started as a spark of inspiration has not only grown into a series of books, but has developed into an educational enterprise, Back to the Bascis with Aydan & Addy LLC.

Her mission and vision is to help parents and children get back to the basics of America’s founding values, such as leadership, honesty, self-sufficiency, strong family ties and work ethics. She is passionate about sharing the importance of “reaching back to move forward” through the children’s book series, interactive blogs, children’s radio show, parent guides, educational and fun products, instructional cartoons and shows, value curriculum and speaking engagements.


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